SCSK 504 International Health and Human Rights in Honduras

This is a one-credit selective that takes place in Honduras. As there are fundamental differences between health care provision in developed and underdeveloped countries, a recognition and understanding of some of these issues should help to build partnerships and support international health efforts. Human rights are essential to the full attainment of health. Most traditional medical curriculums do not address this subject. This selective is designed to give students a fuller comprehension of the global aspects surrounding health and human rights. This selective is designed to promote a better understanding of the broad determinants of individual and population health, which can be applied to issues in Honduras and regionally to other developed countries. The core of the selective will be facilitated in Honduras by our relationship with ASONOG (Asociación de Organismos No Gubernamentales, the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations), a nonprofit organization which works throughout Honduras. ASONOG was founded in 1988 and works on the coordinating of objectives strengthening primary health services, developing local capacities in the prevention of illnesses, and health promotion.