SCSK 505 Integrated Approach of Basic Science Related to the Head and Neck Area

Robert Hage, MD, PhD, DLO, MBA

This one-credit selective is offered twice a year. Students will have two sessions per week for five weeks at the beginning of each semester. Visits to outside institutions are arranged during the semester according to preference and availability. Students will receive a total of five case studies by email, and are expected to attempt to solve the problems before these cases are presented on Monday afternoons. On Thursday afternoons there will be sessions covering maxillofacial surgery, radiology, examination technique, and demonstrations. Visits to the General Hospital operating room, radiology department, School for the Deaf, ENT Clinic, and special homes are opportunities for students to gain valuable experience. A CD must be provided by students so that material related to the selective (clinical pictures, video clips, text) can be made available for home study.