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Phi Zeta Research Day 2019

March 162019
Event details TBA. For a sample of the event format and breakout sessions, please visit the event page for a recap of Research Day 2017.

Alpha Delta Chapter of The Society of Phi Zeta Initiation Ceremony

Friday, March 23, 2018
Caribbean House, 7pm

Welcome by our Master of Ceremony

Dr. Anne Marie Corrigan
President of Alpha Delta Chapter


Dr. Neil Olson
Dean St. George’s University, School of Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Vishnu Rao
Dean of Students, St. George’s University

Introduction of Guest Speaker

Dr. Lauren NicoleWise
SGU Associate Professor, Large Animal Medicine & Surgery Department

Keynote address

Dr. Stacey Byers, DVM, MS, DACVIM(LA)
Byers Veterinary Services, VIN Consultant, Ruminants and Swine
Associate Faculty, Colorado State University
Topic: “Veterinary Medicine: the Good, the Bad, and the Messy”

Presentation of New Members of Alpha Delta Chapter

Dr. Anne Corrigan
President of Alpha Delta Chapter

Dr. Melinda Wilkerson
Vice President Alpha Delta Chapter

Dr. Ravindra Sharma
Secretary/Tresurer Alpha Delta Chapter

Closing remarks

Dr. Anne Corrigan
President of Alpha Delta Chapter of Phi Zeta

5th term

Alexie J. Baja
Alyson E. Childers
Sarah M. Cortright
Peter T. Gibbons
Chandra R. Lilly
Vanessa M. Priarone
Amanda M. Shedd

6th Term

Valerie A. Adamek
Rebecca L. Bocchicchio
Sharona Feder
Leah Gabriel
Samantha J. Guida
John D. Hudson
Tara M. Keaney
Brittany M. Kramer
Colleen B. McArdel
Courtney M. Proctor
Ashika Seshadri
Tomer D. Shua-Haim
Jessica L. Silveira
Joshua M. Tollman
Mary Joe Tyler

6th term student inducted last term

Lauren J. Alsaker
Lacey A. Benefiel
Elizabeth M. Bierman
Lorinda L. Bruinsma
Meghan L. Cave
Jennifer A. Lagendijk
Erica N. Ledesma
Stephanie M. Marvel
Alejandro Mendez
Victoria R. Monroe
Amy M. Ryckman


Dr. Regine Hagen Arqudin Pina
Dr. Richard Kabuusu


Dr. Anne Corrigan, President
Dr. Melinda Wilkerson, Vice President
Dr. Ravindra Sharma, Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Diana Stone, Past President
Dr. Neil Olson Dean, SGUSVM

Faculty Members

Dr. Tom Aire
Dr. Muhammad Bhaiyat
Dr. Rodolfo Bruhl-Day
Dr. Brian Butler
Dr. Sonia Cheetham-Brow
Dr. Alfred Chikweto
Dr. Hugh Ferguson
Dr. Kathryn Gibson
Dr. Karin Guerrero
Dr. Tomas Guerrero
Dr. Talia Guttin
Dr. Harry Hariharan
Dr. Inga Karasek
Dr. Rolf Larsen
Dr. Bowen Louison
Dr. Calum Macpherson
Dr. John McKibben
Dr. Marta Lanza Perea
Dr. Kerri Nigito
Dr. Tara Paterson
Dr. Rhonda Pinckney
Dr. Marie Rush
Dr. Wayne Sylvester
Dr. Lauren Nicole Wise
Dr. Ulrike Zieger

Event Coordinator

Mrs. Catherine Wybern