Calum N.L. Macpherson, PhD, DIC

Vice Provost, International Development Program
Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Director of Research
Professor, Parasitology, School of Medicine
Professor, Veterinary Parasitology, School of Veterinary Medicine
Phone: (473) 444-3068
Fax: (473) 444-3041

Dr. Macpherson received a PhD, Parasitology/Epidemiology and DIC, Diploma of Imperial College in 1981 and began his research career as a Research Assistant, Imperial College, London. In 1983 he accepted the responsibility as Field Project Leader, African Medical Research and Education Foundation (AMREF), Nairobi, Kenya and was appointed as the director of a national cystic echinoccosis pilot control program in Turkana District, North-West Kenya where he coordinated a professional team of veterinarians, physicians and scientists and local staff, conducted and organized fundraising activities. In 1988 Dr. Macpherson became the Director, Swiss Tropical Institute Field Laboratory, (STIFL), Ifakara, Tanzania, East Africa with similar responsibilities on a much larger operational scale.

Dr. Macpherson continued his research and teaching career in 1991 as Professor of Veterinary Parasitology, University of the West Indies, (UWI), St Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies, and since 1993 he has served in many capacities at St. George’s University, Grenada. Over the course of his teaching career, Dr. Macpherson has Supervised over 60 MSc, MtropMed, MD/MSc and PhD students in Kenya, Tanzania, India, the UK, Nevis, and Grenada.

Some of Dr. Macpherson’s more recent consulting activities include working on Libya’s national Hydatid Disease control program in 1996, conducting community based Cystic echinococcosis ultrasound surveillance studies in Morocco (2000), Uganda (2004), Romania (2006) and Turkey (2005).

In 2005, Dr. Macpherson received the Pfizer award for research excellence, School of Veterinary Medicine, and in 2007 the Award for research excellence, SGU 30th Anniversary.

Current editorial boards served on include the Africa Journal for Animal and Biomedical Sciences, and the West Indian Veterinary Journal. He reviews for more than 15 different international journals.