Cristofre Martin, PhD

Cristofre Martin, PhD
Department of Biochemistry
Phone: (473) 444-4175 ext. 2457
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Dr. Martin received a PhD from the Dept. of Cell and Molecular Medicine, Loeb Health Research Institute (Ottawa Civic Hospital), University of Ottawa, Canada, in 1997, and completed three years of post doctoral training with fellowships at the Dept. of Anatomy & Cell Biolology, University of Saskatchewan School of Medicine, Canada, and the Fels Institute for Cancer Research, Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA.

Since 2005, Dr. Martin has held the position of Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, St. George’s University, Grenada. Prior to accepting his appointment at St. George’s University, Dr. Martin was a tenured Assistant Professor for 7 years at the University of Ottawa Department of Biology. Over the course of his academic and research career Dr. Martin has supervised 6 PhD students, 15 MSc students, and 17 BSc students.

Dr. Martin’s research expertise includes the use molecular biology techniques such as PCR, mRNA differential display, in situ hybridization, and DNA chip microarrays to identify, clone and characterize genes that are expressed during zebrafish development and whose transcription is regulated by DNA methylation.  Dr. Martin has also conducted research on the effect of environmental perturbations and their effects on gene expression and embryonic development.

Dr. Martin’s journal review activities include peer reviewed journals Genome, Genes & Development, Transgenic Research, and GENE. He has also been invited as grant reviewer for Wellcome Trust (UK), National Science Foundation (USA), NSERC (Canada), Northwestern Health Foundation (USA), and Canadian Foundation for Innovation (Canada).

Areas of Interest
Heat Shock Proteins (HSP), Marine Biology, Global Warming Effects on Coral Reef Development, Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Genomics
Selected Publications

L.E. Coverdale, C.J. Martyniuk, V.L. Trudeau & C.C. Martin. (2004). Differential expression of the methyl-cytosine binding protein 2 (MeCP2) gene in embryonic and adult brain of zebrafish. Developmental Brain Research 153: 281-287.

R. Pillai, L.E. Coverdale, G. Dubay & C.C Martin. (2004). Histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC-1) required for normal formation of cartilage and pectoral fins of the zebrafish. Developmental Dynamics 231: 647-654.

C.C. Martin, C.H. Tsang, R.G. Beiko & P.H. Krone. (2002). Expression and genomic organization of the zebrafish chaperonin gene complex. Genome 45(5): 804-811.

C.C. Martin, P. Tang, G. Barnardo, & P.H. Krone. (2001). Expression of the chaperonin 10 gene during zebrafish development. Cell, Stress, and Chaperones 6(1): 38-43.

J.B. Sass, C.C. Martin & P.H. Krone. (1999). Restricted expression of the zebrafish hsp90α gene in slow and fast muscle fibre lineages. International Journal of Developmental Biology 43: 835-838. (includes journal cover art).

Selected Projects

C.C. Martin. 2005-10. Operating Grant, NSERC

C.C. Martin. 2002. Equipment Grant (co-applic.), NSERC

C.C. Martin. 2001. Laboratory Infrastructure, Canadian Foundation for Innovation

C.C. Martin. 2001. Laboratory Infrastructure, Ontario Innovation Trust

C.C. Martin. 2001-04. Operating Grant, NSERC