Clare Morrall, PhD

Director of the Marine Biology Program
Phone: (473) 444-4175 ext. 3360
Fax: (473) 439-8533

While attending the University of Plymouth, Dr. Morrall received a PhD in 2003, thesis titled “Characterisation of Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity in the Sea Anemone Aiptasia pallida and an Evaluation of Responses to Environmental Stress,” with research conducted largely at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research.

Dr. Morrall joined St. George’s University, Grenada, in 2001 and has since then accumulated nine years academic experience at St. George’s University conducting teaching and research predominately in the marine sciences. Her current responsibilities include Assistant Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor and Director of the Marine Biology Program. Dr. Morrall began teaching during her PhD research while based in Bermuda where she gained experience conducting classroom, laboratory and field sessions in Marine Science and Natural History with a wide range of students. While at St. George’s University Dr. Morrall has designed and taught a range of undergraduate courses principally in marine science. Her teaching experience has included lecture format, laboratory classes and both wet and dry field sessions.

Dr. Morrall has fourteen years research diving experience and has assisted with a wide range of shore and ship based benthic research in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Florida. She has conducted benthic and fish surveys using a range of methodologies and has trained and coordinated volunteers to conduct marine surveys in Grenada. Since 2005 and currently, Dr. Morrall serves as the Grenada coordinator of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. Dr. Morrall has supervised a range of undergraduate and graduate research projects from both St. George’s University and in collaboration with overseas academic institutions and she has facilitated and assisted the work of visiting research scientists from institutions around the globe.