Trevor Paul Noël, MPH, PhD

Assistant Director, WINDREF Research Institute
Phone: (473) 444-3997
Fax: (473) 444-3041

Trevor Noël completed his undergraduate reading at University College Cork, Republic of Ireland. His BSc reading was in Zoology and Statistics. Mr. Noël has completed an MPH degree at St. George’s University and is currently a PhD student in the Department of Microbiology working in the area of Neglected tropical disease (Soil Transmitted Helminthes). In addition, he is the President of the School of Graduate Studies Alumni Association at SGU.

In 2003, Mr. Noël was awarded a gold medal from the King of Morocco’s representative in Ouarzazate for Public Health services rendered to the Moroccan people and received the SGU Humanism Award in 2005.

Mr. Noël is the Lead Coordinator/ Investigator for the Streptococcal project that is run in Grenada and is the Lead coordinator/ Investigator for the parallel project that is run in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in collaboration with Rockefeller University and the Richard Lounsberry Foundation. He has worked on the Birth Rate Project for the Pan American Health Organization. This studied the effects of a Natural Disaster on Birth rates in a small island developing nation, Grenada. Mr. Noël has worked in Morocco and Cuba. He is a Co Deputy Primary Investigator with the Genetic Correlates of Addictive Diseases program run by the Kreek laboratory, Rockefeller University, New York.