Southeast Missouri State University Starts Partnership with St. George’s University for Pre-Med, Pre-Vet Students

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) and St. George’s University (SGU), located in Grenada in the West Indies, entered an agreement this month to create a pipeline to medicine and veterinarian studies for students.

“St. George’s is thrilled to form this partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and to offer their most qualified students multiple pathways to a degree in medicine or veterinary medicine,” said Dr. Richard Liebowitz, vice chancellor of St. George’s University. “We look forward to empowering SEMO students to pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor or veterinarian.”

The agreement sets up a 4+4 program with the two institutions. After completing four years of pre-medicine or pre-veterinarian studies at Southeast, students who meet the requirements will be granted admission to SGU’s School of Medicine or School of Veterinary Medicine to continue studies.

It also establishes a 3+4 program, in which students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biology: biomedical sciences will complete three years at Southeast and then be granted entry into the SGU School of Medicine if meeting requirements.

“We recruit a lot of high-achieving international students who aspire to become physicians,” said Kevin Timlin, executive director of International Education for Southeast. “However, admission to U.S. medical school is very challenging, even more so for international applicants. Our agreement with SGU guarantees all SEMO graduates from the pre-medical program who meet the requirements will gain admission into their program. This is a great opportunity for qualified pre-med students to know that a seat at an accredited medical school is guaranteed.”

“For the last few years, there are more SGU graduates practicing medicine in the U.S. than any other medical school,” Timlin said. “While SGU is in the beautiful Caribbean nation of Grenada, their students do their residencies and internships in the U.S., and the programs seamlessly lead to practicing medicine in the U.S.”

Students who are accepted into the 3+4 or 4+4 programs for medical sciences will receive a $10,000 scholarship to be evenly dispersed throughout the SGU program. Students can apply for the 4+4 or 3+4 program when they apply to Southeast or while enrolled as students.

Interested students can visit SEMO’s dedicated landing page for the partnership with SGU to learn more about program requirements and opportunities.


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