Housing Information

Living on campus provides more opportunities to work and socialize with other students and faculty than off-campus life, giving you more time to meet people, cultivate relationships with faculty members, and make new friends. Your education will be enhanced by accessing study groups, campus activities, the library, and recreational facilities. The initiation and cultivation of these relationships will prepare you for fostering similar relationships throughout your professional career.

All non-residents of Grenada must live on campus for two terms, regardless of program. Residents of Grenada are exempt from this requirement.

In the United Kingdom, Trinity Square is home to St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine students who study at Northumbria University. This is university-owned accommodation with 24/7 security and a staffed reception, which ensures your safety and support during your first few years in the UK. We strongly encourage SGU students to live in university accommodation during their time at Northumbria University and utilize the support services available to you. Please let your SGU Admissions Officer know your preference.

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