SGU Students Post Perfect Pass Rate on Canadian Medical Exam

St. George’s University students and graduates soared on the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) in 2017-18, registering a 100 percent first-time pass rate according to a report issued by the MCC. The exam is a measurement of medical knowledge compared to Canadian graduates, and a passing grade is a prerequisite for obtaining licensure to practice medicine in Canada.

By contrast, the MCCEE pass rate for students and graduates from all other international medical schools was 67 percent.

“We are so proud of our students, who emphatically demonstrated their depth of medical knowledge on the MCCEE,” said Sandra Banner, SGU’s director of admission for Canada. “The MCCEE has long been the gateway to residency training and practice in Canada, and we’re excited not only for these students but for the patients who will count on them.”

In place since 1979, the MCCEE was replaced in 2019 by the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I, which is comprised of 210 multiple choice questions.

“St. George’s University strives to provide all the necessary elements for students to not only succeed on such exams but to provide the highest quality of care,” said Dr. G. Richard Olds, SGU president. “We look forward to continuing to educate top-notch physicians for Canada and countries around the world.”

St. George’s University’s pipeline to Canada grew even stronger in 2019. SGU welcomed four institutions to its network of clinical training sites in CanadaPembroke Hospital, North Bay Dermatology Centre, Ottawa Cardiovascular Centre, and Booth Neurology. In addition, 18 SGU graduates matched into Canadian residency positions across six provinces and in fields ranging from family medicine and psychiatry to pathology and anesthesiology. From 2010-2019, more than 140 SGU grads obtained a residency position in Canada.

– Brett Mauser